Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I have a really hard time with this....

I have decided that blogging is hard. Especially if you feel like you really have nothing worthwhile to say! I keep thinking, oh, I should go and blog........get here.........and then chicken out because I have no idea what to write about.

It stinks.

So let's see.....what's been going on this week....

Avery and I kept at school, despite my inclination to skip a day and just be lazy. (Yay me!) She's learning her phonics combinations like nobody's business and read a total of 3 stories all by herself this past week.

I started work on some of my Christmas projects. I'm making a jump rope for Avery out of her old socks and tights, so I've spent a good bit of time cutting those up, and began finger-weaving the jump rope a couple of nights ago. It's a good project to work on in front of the TV! Today I started working on some chipboard ornaments for family gifts. I've currently got six painted and smeared with Stickles. Just waiting on those to dry now so that I can embellish them up and add ribbon hangers.

And that's pretty much it...other than that, I've spent a lot of time on the computer (what else is new?).

I'm getting fairly antsy to start doing some sewing for Avery, but I am also chicken as all get out to start! Sad, I know. I'm really getting into the idea of repurposing things for new projects, and having been surfing craftster.org for lots of inspiration! Might as well put things to good use instead of just donating them or throwing them out! Hopefully this week I can get my patootie on gear and start working on some things!

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