Sunday, April 10, 2011


I haven't made any. All my grand plans and where did they go? No idea. I haven't even gotten one layout done. Sigh..... Friday was awesome. I had all this motivation. It was a beautiful day and I spent time outside enjoying the sunshine with my kid. We had a cookout for supper and then afterward went to the beach. Got Starbucks on the way home. A pretty perfect day in all. I had plans to scrap after watching "Who Do You Think You Are?" But then that darn show sucked me in and got me on a genealogy research kick. I stayed up until after 1, not scrapping, oh no, but searching online trying to figure out if my dh had any relatives that fought in the Civil War. It was fun, yes, but not so productive, and then I dreamt Civil War stuff all night and didn't sleep well. I woke up late Saturday morning and all my great mojo was gone. It took me ALL DAY just to figure out what papers to use for this layout I need to do and I'm back to putting a ton of pressure on myself. Ugh. And then in the midst of it, I decided that I had way too much MME stuff, I was never going to use it all, and I needed to do a serious purge. So even after finally picking out papers, I couldn't make myself start working! I pared my MME stash down to probably about half. What I'm going to do with the stuff, I don't know yet. Most of it really won't work to give to Avery to play with. And it's so old I don't think anyone would even be interested in it if I tried to give it away. (I have/had a serious problem with hoarding MME.) So. Here's the new plan. Tomorrow (or rather, today, since it's already 1:51 in the morning) is a new day. I'm going to get up, go to church, come back home, get my homeschool planning for the week out of the way and then get serious about working. My new goal is to get ONE layout done tomorrow. The one I'm putting the most pressure on myself about. And then when that one is done, hopefully I can ease off myself a bit and have more fun. That's the plan. We'll see how it goes.

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  1. I totally hear you! I have been in such a rut and it seems I can't even claw myself out! The last several pages I've done haven't been my best, but they have definitely been forced! Hope you can get something going! I'm going to try and get moving myself here in a few! {{hugs}}